Lezhisjo Tunnel Engineering Works

Du 30/11/2018 au 20/12/2018

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The single track tunnel of Lezhisjo (on the Nalasdoga - Salvjati line) will be renovated during the first three weeks of december. As a result, the line will be totally closed during this time and passengers services will be severly affected with major disruptions.

- RP Tarna - Salvjati : Trains will run between Tarna and Luzhanska-Lezhisjo only. A bus replacement service will be implemented between Luzhanska-Lezhisjo and Noweszencse, where passengers will be able to use RKP Hosdregoh services to reach further stations.

- VRP Salvjati - Stelbrak : All trains will be cancelled between Nalasdoga and Salvjati. They will run normally between Stelbrak and Nalasdoga, but will call at Nalasdoga CS instead of Nalasdoga-Gyevkar (N-Gyevkar station will be closed during this period). Two bus replacement services will be put in place, one between Noweszencse and Stelbrak, the other between Noweszencse and Nalasdoga.

- IPs : IP services between Floeta and Prenja will run via Liend instead of Nalasdoga. Nalasdoga wont be served at all. The timetables will be lightly modified. IP services between Saas-Avlek and Terekhristy will also be diverted via Liend instead of Nalasdoga. However, some services will run only between Saas-Avlek and Tarna, and will be cancelled between Tarna and Terekhristy. Passengers can reach Terekhristy from Tarna via I2V services or via IP services at Liend and Sahn-Roch.

Detailled timetables will be published soon.

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