Scenarios (UK)

You will find here all our own created scenarios based in UK for Train Simulator.

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The Highland Chieftain (GNER)

This complex and accurate scenario recreates the run of service 1S16 'Highland Chieftain'. Split into two parts, you will drive the portion from Kings Cross to Edinburgh of this massive service to Inverness. Set in 2007 with more than 100 AI trains, you will have to watch the signal carefully as the line is busy. Four and a half hour of lovely Valenta traction, just for you !

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GWR HST Farewell Pack (Release on 12/12/2019)

This scenario pack includes six different activities on nine different scenarios : London - Penzance, Penzance - London, London - Swansea, Swansea - London, London - Paignton and Paignton - London. With about 25 hours of driving, this pack allows you to recreate the history of the last 25 years of HST service on the Great Western network, from 1994 to nowadays. Valenta, VP185 or MTU, every traction will be yours while driving one of the several liveries carried by these trains during their long distance services.

Manual enManual EN HST FP (2.55 Mo)

Manuel frManuel FR HST FP (2.55 Mo)

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