Car struck by a train at Adhwyrda

louisnardavac Par Le 17/05/2020

A car had been reported being struck by a train at Adhwyrda level crossing earlier on the evening. It has been confirmed that the train involved is I2V service 4217 from Floeta to Sadykarek. The incident happened around 7:08 PM. For the moment, we know that, according to the driver's testimony, the car has slalomed to try to run through the level crossing as the barriers were already closed, then stop in the middle of the tracks and started to try to reverse. The I2V was running at 150 kmh (90 mph) but thanks to the quick driver's action, the train then struck the car at a speed of approximately 120 kmh (75 mph). It caused the locomotive to derail but it stays upright. The other coaches have not left the rails.

For the moment, there is a confirmation for 1 pesron severely injured (the driver of the car) and 7 minor injuries, 6 amongst the passengers of the first coach plus the driver of the train. Passengers of the first coach have been evacuated because it has been strongly damaged, but the other passengers will stay in the train and a thunderbird locomotive is being sent to haul back the rest of the train to Radborg. The locomotive suffers from minor damage but a crane will be needed to put it back on the rails. The set involved is D251134,

This event is causing major disruptions on the network between Kaczajkewathea and Radborg. Here are your traffic informations :

- All RPs and VRPs between Kaczajkewathea CS and Radborg are cancelled until tomorrow's morning. RP services from Kaczajkewathea to Radborg are cancelled throughout (the services extended to Xazensvell will run from Radborg to Xazensvell). RP services from Kaczajkewathea to Xazensvell via Czaranah will run only from Rhyl-an-Kaczajkewa to Xazensvell, but on a limited pattern (2 trains only, one at 10 PM and one at 11:30 PM. VRP services between Kaczajkewathea and Xeristoh will run only from Xeristoh to Radborg. VRP services between Sarvatkann-Zaboh and Radborg will be limited to Kaczajkewathea for tonight.

- IP and I2V services won't be cancelled but expect major delays of up to 3h30. It is expected that a single line traffic will slowly begin from 10PM, with traffic resuming to normal for tomorrow at 5AM.

- Rail replacement bus services will be put in place between Kaczajkewathea and Radborg, with 2 buses every 30 minutes from 9:00PM to 11:30 PM. They will call at Hylgwhyd-Kurnadewa, Adhwyrda, Rhyl-an-Kaczajkewa, Nevernah, Rosnah and Radborg. They WON'T call at stations prior to Hylgwhyd-Kurnadewa, which can be reached via RP services to Llwkurnid / Balkansevy.

More informations to come soon.


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