Kaczajkewathea to Floeta in 9 minutes - Timelapse

In this video, you can see an Intercity High Speed service (I2V) running from Kaczajkewathea CS to Floeta CS, calling at Xeristoh en route. It means that you are able to see 320 km in just 09'30"

This journey normally takes 2h26 to complete. The train leaves Kaczajkewathea at 09:25 and terminates at Floeta at 11:51. This is a service coming from Valkanslav Sahn-Jekatrina.

This video features the upcoming V3 update for RKP East-Sansek, including :
- The southern extension between Palonecs and Kaczajkewathea (adding 60 km to the line from Xeristoh to Kaczajkewathea).
- The enhanced scenery along the existing sections of the line, between Eserkov and Nerithea, Sahn-Venceslas and Floeta CS & Senfera and Suberept.

The V3 also includes other extensions as like as :
- 61 km from Luzhanska-Lezhiszjo to Salvjati (making driveable the whole line from Nalasdoga to Salvjati)
- A brand new depot south of Tarna (Tarna-Lakarja Depot).

The soundtracks used in this video are :
- Pacific Rim Main Theme, by Ramin Djawadi
- Never Give Up On Your Dreams (Instrumental), by Thomas Bergersen
We do not own these soundtracks

Except from the soundtracks and the game itself, the RKP East-Sansek networks is the property of RKP Trains and its owner, Ludovic ALEIL. "
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